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Laxkit: The Nitty Gritty

Loose Amalgamated C++ Xlib Wrapper Kit

What's it all about?

The Laxkit is a c++ gui toolkit. It currently only works with X. If you are looking for a window toolkit for X that is highly experimental and whose API is quite unstable, this is the toolkit for you. For code maturity, speed, portability and just general availability of doo-dads and robust user community you're better off with FLTK, Gtk/Gtkmm, Fox, Qt, etc, etc.

The Laxkit is currently in the "Mediocre" stage of development, as is this documentation, which needs a bit of clean up.

Compiling Laxkit
Laxkit API
   Laxkit Classes
   Assorted character string functions
   Compiling Programs
   Xlib Primer for Laxkit
Coding How To
Coding To Do


The Laxkit is currently hosted at:


The Laxkit depends on:

Soon, it will likely also depend on:

All of these are pretty standard for all major linux distributions. When you're sure you have those things installed, just type:

make install

This will cause liblaxkit.a and liblaxinterfaces.a to be put in /usr/local/lib by default. You can change where the Laxkit is installed by typing './configure –prefix=/your/new/path', rather than just the plain './configure'. What files were installed is put into the file install.log.

liblaxkit is the main core of the kit, consisting of buttons, text edits, and the like. liblaxinterfaces is for lots of user interfaces to various artsy sorts of objects, like curvy lines and bezier color patch gradients.

This library currently is being developed on a Debian "unstable" Linux machine. It works on my machine, as they say. I only have a Linux machine and very little experience with other platforms, and I would very much like to hear of success/failure/accusations/insults/patches from attempts to compile on other platforms.

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