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oNLaxFilesNamespace for various file utilities
oNLaxInterfacesNamespace for the Laxkit interfaces, surprisingly enough
oNLaxkitThe mother of all Laxkit classes
oCanOverlayClass to simplify floating panels
oCBasisBasis with a spacepoint (p) and 3 dimensional axes x,y,z
oCColorManagerKeeps track of colors and color systems
oCColorStripClass that shows a current color, plus sliders for various primaries and an alpha channel
oCColumnInfoColumn info of detail columns in a TreeSelector
oCDeviceManagerXInput1Device manager that sets up for old style XInput1 events
oCEventFilterBase class for filters windows can use to transform input event streams
oCflatline2 dimensional line with point p and direction v
oCflatvector2 Dimensional vector (x,y)
oCGestureFilterEvent filter to detect some simple multitouch mouse gestures
oCLaxWiimoteClass to use Wiimotes from lax based programs
oCPlanePlane with point p and normal n
oCShortCutDefHolds info about a keyboard shortcut
oCShortcutFilterAv event filter windows can use to detect keyboard shortcuts
oCspaceline3 dimensional line with point p and direction v
oCspacevector3 Dimensional vector (x,y,z)
oCVectorPart class VectorPartFill public VectorPart class VectorPartStroke public VectorPart class VectorPartLineStyle public VectorPart class VectorPartFillStyle public VectorPart class VectorPartGradientFill public VectorPart class VectorPartGradientStrokeFill public VectorPartclass VectorImage public LaxImage
oCWindowFontsHolds basic styling info about fonts
oCXInput2KeyboardClass corresponding to, if you can believe it, an XInput2 master device
\CXInput2PointerClass corresponding to, if you can believe it, an XInput2 pointer

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