The Laxkit


Laxkit Roadmap

What should be done to progress to the next version. Not final!

Version 0.0.8 --

(done) Engraving line mesh tool (proof of concept stage)
(done) TreeSelector
(done) Shortcut window editor

Version 0.0.9 --

Re-re-fix cut-copy-paste
CairoDisplayer, abstract the Displayer class to make swapping out backends easy
FontDialog (which means working out fonts, big task!)
Pop out multiple packages: liblaxkit(not yet, but I know how to now), liblaxkit-dev, liblaxkit-doc, laxinput

Version 0.1 --

As appropriate, all controls must support multicontact, multipointer, and multikeyboard interfaces food for thought: touch devices with blob events:
By hook or by crook, handle left-to-right, right-to-left, and mixed text in controls
Drag-n-drop more than just text, and with objects internally
font management should be finally decided upon (xft/fontconfig? pango/freetype/antigrain?) and implemented
Clean up patch controls
lots of testing by other people (perhaps via laidout)
add descriptive pictures of the widgets and interface objects to the documentation
have the integrated short-cuts/actions mechanism in place
some sort of basically useable color management should be in place, via lcms
all planned core widgets must be at least slightly usable (see Lax Checklist in doxygen docs) this includes among other things: ColorSelector PrintDialog RailSlider (like a 'valuator'), could double as a 1-d scroller SliderInputPopup
LaxInterfaces basics, meaning anInterface, InterfaceWithDp, ViewerWindow, and ViewportWindow should be more or less stable, and all (almost done) current specific interfaces should work within that system correctly
perhaps have the swappable graphics backend in place
some sort of either test bed, example, or actual classes geared for opengl

Old Releases

Version 0.0.7 -- released December 3, 2011

(done) overhaul to support better window styling
(done) abstract event passing
(done) support XInput2 (mpx)
(done) DateSelector
(done) make some replacement for using Xlib Atoms, as currently, many silly Laxkit Atoms are left behind in X after programs cease

Version 0.0.6 -- released February 27, 2010

(done) misc bug fixes

Version 0.0.5 -- released November 6, 2007

(done) Use x input method for inputing text, similar to how fltk does it
(done) Convert all text handling to utf8
(done) libintl/gettext support
(done) Support for's ~/.recently-used.
(done) Fix system clipboard cut/paste/copy

Version 0.0.4 -- released November 8, 2006

(done) make it easy to make a deb package out of the source
(done) have a very basic ./configure to do simple checks for required libs so that people might have easier time figuring out what's missing

Version 0.0.3 --

(done) ImagePatchInterface